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Q. What are the pros & cons of purchasing or leasing a car through LEASELAND vs going to a franchised dealer?

A. When shopping for a new vehicle, there are endless choices. For example, if you are looking for a deal on a midsize car, and you visit a Mazda dealer, the salesperson will have you sold on a Mazda. You may have just deprived yourself of a significantly better deal on a similar Toyota . Should you manage to get out of the clutches if each salesperson, and continue shopping from franchise to franchise, you will no doubt be more confused than ever, with each one touting their own product. The time and pressure involved can also be daunting.

Price, Value & Choice

At Leaseland we run our business with you the customer in mind. We are a one-stop-shop where we can advise you which vehicle in the class you are seeking, will give you the best deal. We can also point out basic differences in the vehicles themselves. Additionally, not only are all dealer incentives, rebates, low financing, and special lease programs available to us, we are not limited to the financing and leasing options in your area. Unknown to many, is that manufacturers offer different incentives in different zones. If you shop at any particular dealer, you will only get the program available in that zone. We shop many different zones to get you the best incentives in the country. And needless to say, our fleet purchasing power gets you the best prices on virtually any vehicle.

Honesty & Integrity

When quoting prices, we donít lowball nor do we use deceptive practices such as quoting with ďmoney downĒ. Any vehicle can be made to fit any price by doing so. Our quotes include all fees and taxes in the price. As a rule we donít charge any extra fees, such as prep, doc, runner, or delivery fees. We also donít bait and switch, nor use any sort of deceptive advertising to lure customers to us. These practices are the norm at typical dealerships.

No Pressure

Since we do not have any inventory to sell, we have no bias as to which vehicle you get. You will therefore have no salespeople pressuring you in any way to make any decision. As a company policy, we do not call any inquiring customer, unless they request that we do so. We also never request a deposit with any order, unless it entails locating a vehicle from afar.

Prompt Personal Service

We are not an internet web-based business. We are real people who you can talk to, and explain your unique needs and requirements. We simply find the best deals for you, and provide you with outstanding prompt service, via email, phone or fax. And vehicles are delivered to your door virtually anywhere in the USA . There is never a need to come to our office in Monsey NY , although you are always welcome to do so.

Locator Service

For those of you seeking a hard-to-find vehicle that may not be available in your area, our locator service can often find it. We literally search the entire country to find the car you want.


While we primarily cater to those with good credit, we often can help those with credit problems procure a vehicle at an affordable price. We donít price gouge such clients by charging them near usurious interest rates as is the norm at most dealers.

Test Drives

The only thing we cannot generally offer our customers are test-drives of all the vehicles they may be considering. However at times we can arrange that at our affiliate dealers.

Q. Who services my car when there is a problem?

A. Any franchise dealer in the USA and Canada is authorized to repair any vehicle under warranty. The service department is generally the most profitable part of a dealership, and generally they are seeking any business they can get. Indeed there are a few that are nasty to those that donít purchase their cars there, however they are in the minority and generally those with such an attitude treat their own customers the same way. As a rule those that are courteous and responsive are the places you want to patronize. As always, should you encounter a service problem, our customer service department is there to help you get it resolved in a timely fashion.

Q. Who will provide maintenance on my car?

A. Any service facility that you choose. One of the big fallacies that dealers promote, is that if you donít service your vehicle at the dealer, the warranty will be void. That is completely false. As long as a car is maintained according to factory specifications at any service facility, the warranty must be honored, provided there are receipts to prove it. Additionally, by doing your maintenance elsewhere, you will generally save lots of money. Experience has shown that most routine procedures are as much as 50% less expensive. Dealerships also are notorious for upselling things you donít need, for hundreds of dollars. However, if you wish to spend the money, any dealership service department would be thrilled to service you.

Q. How do I get my vehicle?

A. Generally the vehicle is delivered to your home or office. In certain areas, you may have to pick it up at a local affiliate dealer.

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